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non emergency medical transportation coverage

All transportation service providers in a single system. In just a few steps, a choice of service levels can be made and your transportation is booked at a fixed price.

Additional assistance
During the booking process, you can add additional assistance requests. E.g. the driver will assist the policyholder to the check-in desk.

Support and monitoring
Uniquely for a technology-driven company, we provide around-the-clock support. Our team proactively monitors every booking.

Airline crew transportation

Global coverage, local expertise

Currently, we have a network that covers 110 countries and over 900 destinations. We only contract transfer companies that are carefully selected by our supplier management team. We provide the option to book transfers in sedans and minivans for our assistance clients. Our partners are used to working with policyholders and understand the additional service that is required.

transportation Assistance


We assure extra care for passengers who require personal assistance and have to be brought to the, e.g. Check-in desk.

Get-e suppliers


As part of the supplier approval and selection procedure, Get-e visits a destination, before agreeing to add suppliers to the Get-e network.

transportation audit


A transparent pricing model. The all-inclusive price is confirmed when you book, Get-e does not charge any management fees.

Non emergency medical transportation technology

The innovation solution for airport transfers

Unburden your teams with an online dashboard of all transportation. When real-time updates, such as flight delays and traffic issues are required, the system will send out updates to all the necessary stakeholders. Having your transfers in a single system provides an excellent overview for your teams.

Non emergency medical transportation Gps tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of your airport transfer is available. In the portal, you have a live overview of the GPS status of the rides.

Non emergency medical transportation Live updates

Realtime Updates

The latest updates, including GPS tracking and driver details, are shared in the portal, via email and SMS.

Flight monitoring

Flight Monitoring

Get-e provides automated flight monitoring for all airport rides. Time of the ride adjusts without any additional charges.


One solution to book transfers in 110 countries

Non emergency medical transportation support

Experienced professionals around the clock

Our 24/7 operations team is located at our Amsterdam HQ. Having a single point of contact with Get-e will give you a one-stop-shop for all your requirements, from the initial booking to completing the ride and handling any issues like flight delays. Once the booking is made, Get-e’s 24/7 support center will take care of everything.

Centralised contact


Get-e is committed to providing 24/7/365, operational and customer service support in English, Spanish, Dutch, and German.



Our operational control teams monitor all rides and take preventive actions to solve situations before they occur.

Ad hoc requests

Ad-Hoc Requests

Any last-minute requests or unexpected events? Our control center is immediately available to manage your airport transfer requests.

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Transparency without surprises

There is no longer a need to maintain multiple relationships with ground transportation companies worldwide. Freeing up resources in administration and back-office processes. A single invoice is generated for all journeys, rather than multiple invoices from many suppliers.



Receive all invoices in a uniform layout and currency that is adapted to your administrative need. Including VAT reclaim.



Get-e’s all-inclusive pre-booked prices – available at the moment of booking – contain no hidden extras and no management fees.



Connect the invoicing directly with your internal systems. Get-e provides the option to pair invoices automatically with your administration.

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transportation provider data export

Manage, track and control your data

Results of data processing include increased productivity and profits, better decisions, and more accurate and reliable performance. Further cost reduction, ease in storage, distribution, and report making followed by better analysis and presentation are other advantages.

Non emergency medical transportation Data export

Data Export

Use CSV (comma-separated value) files to perform this kind of bulk task. You can transfer CSV files to spreadsheets in, e.g. Excel.

Non emergency medical transportation Co2 reporting

C02 Reporting

Get-e provides Assistance companies with annual CO2 reports to identify, calculate, and report emissions.

Non emergency medical transportation performance


Get-e’s MI provides visibility on costs, trips, travelers, and pricing. Managers can export an overview of service performance.


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