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New in London, the fully electric Jaguar I-Pace.

You can now book your Business Transfer with GET-E in London and experience the new fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE.


From now on, it’s also possible to book the fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE for transfers to and from London Heathrow Airport. GET-E offer fully-electric and hybrid vehicles at many destinations and are delighted to add the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE to its network. GET-E stimulates environmentally-friendly transportation wherever possible. To date, our network includes electric vehicles like the Tesla Model-S and Nissan Leaf, but we’ve now added the exciting new Jaguar I-PACE.


Jaguar recently introduced its first all-electric SUV to the market. The Jaguar I-PACE is the ideal luxury vehicle for our chauffeur services. With a 480 km range per charge, it is expected that the I-PACE can complete a full day of rides on a single charge. In addition to that, it only takes 40 minutes to charge the battery to 80% capacity. The I-PACE looks compact on the outside for an SUV but it’s deceptively spacious inside, which is ideal for our passengers. The design minimizes noise from the outside and together with the quiet motor, ensures a quiet and comfortable ride.


The managing director of Jaguar Land Rover, Jeremy Hicks, said: “What we have created in the Jaguar I-PACE is utterly revolutionary; a desirable, luxurious and state-of-the-art electric vehicle that’s practical for genuine everyday use, including the tough life of an airport luxury chauffeur car.”


GET-E strives to establish a worldwide network that includes all-electric vehicles and hybrids. Currently, the GET-E coverage includes the biggest network of electric & hybrid vehicles in Europe and is expanding throughout Asia, North America, and other destinations. At over a hundred locations, GET-E offers electric or hybrid transfers. We are continually expanding our network to offer you our unique service, no matter where you travel.

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