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Traffic highway
Business sedan usa
3 passengers

Comfort, Business and Executive sedan

For transfers up to 3 passengers with a maximum of 2 checked-in luggage.

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Business van
6 passengers

Comfort and Business minivan

As an economic offer, clients book a comfort van. For a refined business offer, clients book our business van.

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Comfort minibus
14 Passengers

Sprinter van for small groups

The minibus transports up to 14 passengers with 14 luggage.

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Grech 36 seater (1)
24 - 36 passengers

Minibus for mid-sized groups

For a comfortable transfer up to 36 passengers with luggage or 18 passengers with additional seat space.

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52 passengers

Coach for large groups

The largest option for groups up to 52 passengers or 26 passengers with additional space.

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Get-e fleet and service standards

Before Travelling:

  • Passengers should follow local government and health authority guidelines ensuring that they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before traveling.
  • Passengers are responsible for bringing their own facemasks. (where possible face masks will be made available for passengers by the driver)
  • Any relevant underlying health conditions should be included in the booking notes pre-travel.

Safety Protocols: 

  • Drivers exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19 e.g. high temperature or dry cough are required to remain at home.
  • The driver will clean high-contact internal and external surfaces in the vehicle after each journey before accepting the next ride – full cleaning after the end of shift with anti-bacterial solutions.
  • Get-e recommends vehicles to be equipped with screen partitioning between drivers and Passengers. If screen partitioning is not installed in the vehicle, face masks must be worn by drivers and passengers.
  • Hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes are available for drivers and passengers in vehicles.
  • Avoid passenger contact. Where possible, luggage should be handled by the passenger. In cases where assistance is required from the driver, sanitation of luggage handled by the driver is mandatory.
  • The driver is responsible for appropriate ventilation.
  • The driver will open doors for the passengers – so passengers do not need to touch any buttons or door handles. 
  • Get-e advises following local regulations for the restriction of the number of passengers in the vehicle. 
  1. Meet all the prevailing country-specific legal requirements.
  2. Are not older than 5 years for the comfort class and 3 years for the business and executive class unless agreed upon specifically.
  3. Are equipped with air-conditioning.
  4. Are always clean, tidy and odour- and damage-free.
  5. Are not refueled during the transfer.
  6. In case of a pick-up from the airport, are parked within a walking distance of not more than 3 minutes.


  • Are fully licensed and insured by the appropriate authorities for the execution of services;
  • Have extensive driving experience;
  • Select the optimal route;
  • Comply with local traffic regulations;
  • Are bilingual (local language and basic English);
  • Are well-groomed and neatly dressed; (Shirt for comfort booking and a suit for business and executive bookings.)
  • Are familiar with the region where they operate;
  • Refrain from smoking, eating, and drinking in the client’s presence;
  • Keep the car audio/video system switched off unless the client requests them to switch it on;
  • Adjust the temperature according to the client’s request;
  • Aave a customer-friendly and responsive attitude;
  • Complies with the client’s reasonable requests whenever possible;
  • Refrain from making non-booking related telephone calls in the client’s presence;
  • Assist the client with loading and unloading his luggage;
  • Remind the client in case he leaves something behind in the car;
  • Collect the client inside the airport arrival hall;
  • Meet and greet the client with a printed name sign.
  1. The car and the driver can always be reached via mobile telephone (or another hand-held device) or via the support center of the network member;
  2. Monitor the client’s flight information in order to ensure a timely collection;
  3. Arrange replacement forthwith in case of unexpected non-compliance.